LadderTape - Bolt-hole Style Gasket Tape
AB Technology Group 
USA:   431 State St Box 1491, Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Canada:  116 Albert St - Suite 300, Ottawa, ON K1P 5G3
CCR, DUNS and NCAGE registered
2/2018 - 12/4
·  550°F      High-Temperature Fiberglass with PTFE coating
·  1000°F    Very-High-Temperature Knitted Fiberglass
·  1000°F    Very-High-Temperature Woven Fiberglass
·  1000°F    Very-High-Temperature Woven Fiberglass with Graphite Coating
·  1500°F    Very-High Temperature Woven Fiberglass with Vermiculite Coating
·  1800°F    Extreme-Temperature Woven Silica
·  2000°F    Extreme-Temperature Woven Silica XT
·  2300°F    Extreme-Temperature +Plus Woven Ceramic Fiber
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AB Technology Group is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of high temperature, heat & flame resistant, thermal and cryogenic insulation materials: sleeves, tapes, ropes, fabrics, gaskets and seals for industry, aerospace, marine and military use: including LadderTapeä bolt-hole style tape.  High performance gasket and seal tape for oven, furnace, kiln and commercial kitchen exhaust duct access and inspection doors.